My Son No Longer Sucks

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Scout’s Honor?

Just catching up on news in the parent world. What’s this about the Boy Scouts prohibiting gay troop leaders? Are they for serious? I always took for granted that the scouts were a gay-friendly organization…

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Queen Ant

Postcards From The Hedge

One of my early ideas for this blog was proposing ideas for semi-serious kids products. In one widely ignored post, I offered the Poop Snoop for detecting dirty diapers. I think even my mom didn’t read it.

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Hoffman and Redford

Pop Quiz

The Pulitzer Prize winners will be announced Monday. I’m always amazed that men win awards for journalism. Because we make the absolute worst reporters — especially when it comes to domestic issues.

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The Joke’s On Me

Oh man. Why is it that women cannot tell jokes? My best guess is that the risqué nature of many jokes has kept them the province of men. But few qualities are as attractive in a chick as the unexpected ability to tell a ripsnorter.

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image courtesy Orson & Co.

Bible Thumper

My son is suddenly smitten by the Easter Bunny. Fox has been making weekly pilgrimages to the mall, where to his utter amazement a six-foot fluffy bunny offers redemption, resurrection, and a seated photo-op.

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Sorry Charlie

I Melt With You

For years now I’ve been told I do three things exceptionally well. #1 is making tuna melts. #2 I can’t mention here because my mother-in-law reads this. And #3 …

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Taliban Soldier

Terrorist Twos

Until the administration clarifies its policy on drone strikes targeting American citizens, I would like to address the recent speculation regarding my son, Fox.

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Red Rocks 2

Dad, Interrupted

Oh man. Have I seriously not blogged since October? Time to power up the defibrillator and revive Daddy Confidential – if only to satisfy the persistent pleadings of my loyal fan.

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coal miners in Red Lion, PA, 1946

MythBusters – Parenting Edition

At Gymboree last week a woman nodded in the direction of the cavorting toddlers, smiled at me and said, “Which one’s yours?” I shrugged and began to tell her, “No kids. I’m just some sketchball.”

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