Ernie & Bert: Stone Cold GANGSTAS

Oh man, we always knew Ernie & Bert were hardcore. But I never imagined their foot soldiers would threaten me over a perceived slight.

I don’t think my previous post was too harsh on Sesame Street. But just so there’s no bad blood and no ambiguity: Ernie & Bert are the originators – the old school, 2 legit 2 quit, cold lampin b-boys from Alphabet City. Mic check:

The above video was posted to youtube a few years ago by “stianhafstad.” The editing is masterly and the song choice perfect. It inspired a slew of copycats, but there’s no need to dig deeper. Your procrastination has been optimized.

Bonus Sesame Street trivia!!! What the show is called in other countries:

Germany – Sesamstrasse
Israel – Rechov Sumsum
France – 5, Rue Sésame
India – Galli Galli Sim Sim
Russia – Ulitsa Sezam
Bangladesh – Sisimpur


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