Stick ‘Em Up

Oh man. The wall opposite my son’s crib has been empty his entire life. We keep meaning to hang something, but most children’s decorations are lame.

A friend’s wife did their newborn’s room in some Peter Rabbit motif. Those wallpaper borders never come off though. Plus they’ll be real mood killers when the kid’s 14 and trying to score. And don’t rabbits make those little ball-bearing turdlets? No thanks.

We did Space Invaders on the wall above Fox’s crib. This company Blik makes the decals. Wait here’s a horrible quality pic to whet your appetite:

I just checked back on their site and Blik went all insane with righteous new designs. The Space Invaders appear to be discontinued, but their Asteroids caught my eye:

Admittedly, there’s nothing baby-themed about classic arcade games. But they a) evoke a bygone era of video game innocence, before point hyperinflation. And b) are fun, familiar, and freaktastic.

Blik has a whole slew of kids designs now, and they are not at all bad. By which I mean good. Check it:


I’m leaning towards the woodland critters, because the kid is nuts about animals. But if he (or we) get bored, the decals are removable. And they’re only like, $35-$55. Oh wait here’s another contender:

Do I go woodland or safari animals? Always a tough call. (The kid’s already got enough barnyard animals to run a stall at the farmers market.)

That giraffe decal is called I’m Like A Bird which, come to think of it reminds me of that Nelly Frittata song. Possible deal-breaker.

Some designs are more involved than others. But Blik’s website offers vague advisements on difficulty. The Wife and I spent maybe two hours affixing the Space Invaders. And we’re terrible at DIY.

I think you need smooth walls. So double-check with that loved one in State’s Correctional. But all of the decals come off clean. Okay two more:

These pics are pulled from Blik’s website. So if you’re looking for an easy reboot* on your child’s wall, you can check out more designs in their kids section. Or you can go with those Peter Rabbit poo-pellets.

There’s that enviably capable Illinois dad who did his newborn’s nursery in Darth Vader decor. (It’s worth a peek.) He is hands-down the Martha Stewart of Star Wars geek chic. I dub him, Dartha Stewart. (Or would that be Marth Vader?) The wampa rug really sets it off.

For the rest of us less dedicated decorators, there’s Blik. There might be better solutions out there, but none are this versatile and easy.

Disclosure: Shamefully, Blik has not compensated me in any way for this review. Granted they had no knowledge of it prior to publication. If they were to spontaneously and generously provide me with say, $3,600 I would update this post in an addendum.


* Speaking of reboots, they do a wicked TRON decal, but I didn’t want to supersaturate the post with mind-numbingly awesome video game references. But you’ve read this far:

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2 Responses to Stick ‘Em Up

  1. Holly December 23, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    Hey Jon! I read all the way to the tron decals….happy chanukah (or however you spell it) see you at the wall next year.
    I vote woodland animals!

    • Daddy Confidential December 24, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

      Woodland animals it is :-)

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