In Your Face

Oh man. Since when did pop-up books get all out of hand? Remember from childhood how lame they were? Their novelty faded faster than a boner in a retirement home.

[Dammit. I promised The Wife I wouldn’t be lewd in every post. I try explaining that just because I blog about babies, doesn’t mean babies read my blog. (And besides, the ones that do are assholes.)]

Pop-up books today are intense. It’s as if some 30th Level Origami Master knocked up a bookbinder, and together they spawned some demon 3D manuscripts. Was there some paper-folding breakthrough in the matrix that was scrubbed from the media?

I’m referring of course, to Bugs Pop-up, and Sea Creatures Pop-up, both by Sally Hewitt and Chris Gilvan-Cartwright. These books are so in your face, you’ll want to take out a restraining order. Wait, here you go – I’ll show you what I mean with Sea Creatures:

Hmm, that doesn’t do it justice… more equivalent to watching Avatar on the seat-back of an airplane. Oh and speaking of justice, I’m fairly certain the above video violates the publisher’s copyright. But I figure it’s nothing you can’t see for yourself in Barnes & Noble. Are you with me?

My 18 month-old son is nuts for these books. He seriously needs them read to him multiple times a day. He’s also obsessed with The Pop-Up Book of Phobias which, tragically, is out of print. (On the topic of phobias, the Bugs Pop-Up conjures forth a wriggly spider to spook even the mildest arachnophobe.)

Hey how come no one told me that babies are fearless?!? Scorpions, viper fish, praying mantises… the kid eagerly embraces them all. Granted, his blankie is always close at hand.

It’s refreshing to have a book whose pleasures defy the confinements of an iPad or Kindle. So keep an eye out for some righteous pop-up books. Comin’ atcha.

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2 Responses to In Your Face

  1. Lauren January 10, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    Check out flanimals pop up book by Ricky gervais…

  2. Vanessa Moss January 10, 2012 at 10:28 am #

    Funny you should mention it because JUST today I was sent THIS….

    You betcha – 3d interactive pop-up book for iphone and ipad. You’re welcome….

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