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Mix Tapes

Liner Notes

I suffer from that perennial problem: I’m totally sick of my music. Even though my music collection is way awesomer than yours, familiarity breeds contempt. And I can’t get through life without a constant feed of groovy tunes.

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Chuck Close standing next to his Big Self-Portrait, 1968.

Close Encounters

You know how child-free adults are always looking for a loaner-kid to take to the latest Pixar movie?… like, as a beard? Well two kids books just came out that offer a similar (if more cerebral) vicarious satisfaction.

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A+ For B. toys

Oh man. It seems most of my kid’s toys have evolved defense mechanisms to inflict maximum pain when stepped on. They employ the injurious principle of either a) the banana peel, or b) Punji spikes.

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possible WANG logo

Check Out My Stimulus Package

For over 200 years the USPS has been delivering mail. Why not email? How freakin rad would it be if your email address was (That one will go fast, so you might have to settle for something like But still.)

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mysophobia – from The Pop-Up Book of Phobias

In Your Face

Oh man. Since when did pop-up books get all out of hand? Remember from childhood how lame they were? Their novelty faded faster than a boner in a retirement home.

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panda cubs

The Panda Mom’s Manifesto

Well, it’s a new year and that calls for a new parenting paradigm. 2011 was rough on 99% of us, so I’m encouraging parents to give themselves a break. This year, let’s indulge, relax, and goof off. Not 24/7, mind you. I’m not advocating that you abdicate all parenting responsibility. Just don’t lose sight of […]

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I Saw the Sign

Oh man. Months ago we got our son a DVD that’s supposed to teach him American Sign Language (ASL). Apparently babies can learn to communicate using sign language well before they can speak. At least that’s the premise of Baby Signing Time, the wildly popular…

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Ernie & Bert

Ernie & Bert: Stone Cold GANGSTAS

Oh man, we always knew Ernie & Bert were hardcore. But I never imagined their foot soldiers would threaten me over a perceived slight. I don’t think my previous post was too harsh on Sesame Street. But just so there’s no bad blood and no ambiguity: Ernie & Bert are the originators – the old […]

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Yo Gabba Gabba!

Elmo vs. Muno

Were it not for Sesame Street, we would all be much bigger assholes. Where else would we have learned about cooperation, near and far, or the letter B? But they’ve lost their way a bit in attempting to stay current. Kids don’t need to be current. Kids have no idea what year it is. Sesame […]

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Yellowman & Fathead

Raffi vs. Yellowman

Oh man. A friend gave me some Raffi CDs for my son’s enjoyment. For those unfamiliar with the children’s singer/songwriter superstar, Raffi is the musical equivalent of waterboarding. His rhymes come at you so fiercely that he makes Tupac sound like Mother Goose. Sample lyric: Willoughby wallaby wustin, An elephant sat on Justin. Willoughby wallaby […]

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