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Suckers For Boobs

It’s fun to pretend we have impassioned views on extreme breastfeeding. But the truth is we’re just suckers for boobs.

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Please Be Kind And Rewind

Oh man. I’m feeling old. It’s not for the usual reasons, like when I start to sit and I pinch my pants at the knees and give them a little hike. Or when my wife (nine years my junior) catches me using a word like mimeograph when I mean Xerox.

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Study Finds Link Between Bacon And Autism

Oh man. Is everyone having a good Autism Awareness Month? I for one, am having a ball. (It’s a tactile sensory ball, thankyouverymuch.) Granted autism has had some stiff competition. April is also Jazz Appreciation Month, as well as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. But autism is winning, because I’ve seen no headlines for the latter […]

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Recipe For A Bris Kit

The first mohel we contacted – the one we really wanted – rejected us. His name was Dr. Diamond, from New York Magazine’s short list of recommended mohels (motto: Nothing Cuts Like a Diamond). He was described as serving the “metropolitan area,” which I presumed included the metropolis. But when I called him from the […]

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photo by PoetryOfObjects, via Etsy

Party Poopers

For our son’s first birthday, my wife wanted a big party with everyone who’s ever had their picture taken with him. I just wanted some family, some balloons, and some cake. One year-olds, I argued, do not have fun on cue. Plus they have zero concept of opening presents.

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Sex And The Suburbs, Part 1

Oh man. So the wife won. Check and mate. We’re leaving New York and moving to the suburbs. It now dawns on me that she’d been planning this since our second date. But she kept her agenda well hidden until we were all married off and babied up.

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Russian ABC Blocks, by Uncle Goose

Watch Your Language

At 20 months, my son Fox is exhibiting some scandalous baby-talk. No joke: if you point to a wall clock he snappily supplies the word “cock.” We recently bought some pussy willows, the first two syllables of which Fox says flawlessly.

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Doulas – Part Deux

Finally I found a few minutes to address some of the comments on my recent post about doulas.

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three samurai

Making The Cut

Oh man. People get so snippy on the topic of circumcision. I personally don’t understand why there’s such a big flap. It’s binary after all: your foreskin is either on or off, and it doesn’t particularly matter which.

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a depiction of childbirth from the 1970s

I Challenge You To A Doula

No way you’re expecting a baby!? Holy crap shut up congratulations that’s awesome. You’re probably freaking out in anticipation of the coming rapture. But heed one recommendation to vastly improve everyone’s birth experience – yours, your wife’s… even your baby’s: Totally get a doula.

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