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I totally had this classic Fisher Price airplane

Attitude at Altitude

Oh man. Did anyone see today’s New York Times Travel section? Michelle Higgins wrote a front page feature, Are We There Yet?, which promises “expert tips on how to manage the madness” of air travel with children. Somehow the article manages to be less instructive than the Ice Cube movie of the same name.

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the 1 train

Halloween Hangover

Oh man. Halloween. The Wife and I debated what Fox’s first costume should be. After flipping through a tacky-ass catalog, we decided a homemade ghost costume would be easy, classic and cute.

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Daisy, Luke & Bo

The Lullaby Cheat

Oh man. So you know how you’re supposed to sing your baby to sleep? That’s great and all. But what song are you supposed to sing? And who has any songs memorized anymore anyway? I faced this very conundrum when Fox was born over a year ago. Rockabye Baby wasn’t an option, on account of […]

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