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Please Be Kind And Rewind

Oh man. I’m feeling old. It’s not for the usual reasons, like when I start to sit and I pinch my pants at the knees and give them a little hike. Or when my wife (nine years my junior) catches me using a word like mimeograph when I mean Xerox.

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Do You Read Me?

Oh man. So like, aren’t CB radios way overdue for a comeback? Ditto for the lingo. I don’t fare too well with Tweet-speak. SMS shorthand like 2moro and ROTFLMAO are efficient but lack poetry. And I have never in my life typed the abbreviation for laughing out loud. (If you’re determined to chuckle in three […]

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Subversive vs. Sellout

Parenting is a minefield of controversy. We can let the womenfolk handle trivial issues, like whether to vaccinate, or make babies cry it out. We dads need to tackle the tough topics requiring steely resolve and a firm grasp of the facts. Today’s prediliction: Batman or Superman?

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You Name It

Stupidly, while pregnant, we were not sufficiently secretive about the name we’d picked out for our son. The name Fox elicited concerns, disapproval, and pleas to reconsider. But seeing as you can never please everyone, you may as well satisfy yourself.

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Due Dads

Oh man. Pregnancy. You finally slipped one past the goalie. You’re probably experiencing some combination of excitement, nerves, and curiosity about which countries don’t honor extradition treaties.

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Check Out My Stimulus Package

For over 200 years the USPS has been delivering mail. Why not email? How freakin rad would it be if your email address was (That one will go fast, so you might have to settle for something like But still.)

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Stroller Patroller

Oh man. Baby-strollers have gotten out of hand. My heels were clipped twice today by the lady behind me in the supermarket express lane. I initially showed restraint, but the second time I shot her a devastating do you mind using only my eyebrows.

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You Ain’t Got No Alibi

Oh man. My friend just had a baby (yay!). The baby is positively, breathtakingly, unmistakably ugly (yowza!). I don’t mean ugly like a newborn that arrived looking a little roughed up by the baggage handlers. I mean ugly like you read about.

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Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be

Oh man. The Wife just discovered the iPhone camera app Hipstamatic, about nine months after it became passé. She thinks every snapshot is a vintage masterpiece. I admit, it sort of casts everything in a hazy, awesome light. Hipstamatic makes you long for the distant past of earlier today. It creates instant nostalgia.

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always remember to wear your trenchcoat when pushing the baby carriage

The New Dad’s Guide To Shirking Responsibility

Just under the wire before people start making New Year’s resolutions, Daddy Confidential offers new dads some tips on getting mom to do the dirty work.

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