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Fox's 1st Hanukkah

Season’s Greetings from the Rapaports!

What a crazy year it’s been! As a show of gratitude for my being such a super-duper dad, Sarah relented and has agreed to let me write our family’s holiday newsletter. Thanks, hon!

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I think this was the inspiration for Chucky

Baby Talk, Baby Talk – It’s A Wonder You Can Walk

In Mrs. Ross’s kindergarten class, when every other kid could say yellow, Billy Brinkelow could only manage lellow. One day, out of nowhere Billy utters…

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Ernie & Bert

Ernie & Bert: Stone Cold GANGSTAS

Oh man, we always knew Ernie & Bert were hardcore. But I never imagined their foot soldiers would threaten me over a perceived slight. I don’t think my previous post was too harsh on Sesame Street. But just so there’s no bad blood and no ambiguity: Ernie & Bert are the originators – the old […]

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