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Plywerk's bamboo

Don’t Knock Wood

Plywerk is coming at you from Portland, Oregon. I’m guessing their deepest longing is to be spoofed on Portlandia. They’re exceedingly friendly and helpful… not that you’ll care because using their website is easier than making someone yawn by merely saying “yawn.”

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3 Sprout raccoon bin, cropped

Into The Woods

Oh man. On Sunday I found myself cruising the Baby & Child pavilion at the New York International Gift Fair. The whole woodland creatures theme was on full display. I felt like Snow White.

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new nose

Suck It Up

Oh man. ¿Anyone happen to know the age at which kids can blow their own noses? Because I’m getting way too intimate with my son’s boogers. All I can say is thank God for Swedish design. “What,” you may be wondering, “does IKEA have to do with clearing nasal passages?” Nothing at all. I am […]

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mysophobia – from The Pop-Up Book of Phobias

In Your Face

Oh man. Since when did pop-up books get all out of hand? Remember from childhood how lame they were? Their novelty faded faster than a boner in a retirement home.

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that cow's gonna get probed

Does My App Look Phat?

There are so many iPad app reviews, but none written for infants… is it because they can’t read? Daddy Confidential gives the skinny on phat apps for babies 6-18 months.

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Stick ‘Em Up

Oh man. The wall opposite my son’s crib has been empty his entire life. We keep meaning to hang something, but most children’s decorations are lame.

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... because it's such a lovely couch.

Answering The Call of Doody

Oh man. I had an epiphany about why old ladies use those clear plastic sofa covers. And it’s not because they live in perpetual fear of excitedly wetting themselves when Publishers Clearing House rings their doorbell.

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I Saw the Sign

Oh man. Months ago we got our son a DVD that’s supposed to teach him American Sign Language (ASL). Apparently babies can learn to communicate using sign language well before they can speak. At least that’s the premise of Baby Signing Time, the wildly popular…

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Boogie Wipes

Pick A Winner

Once in awhile, a product comes along that is so well designed, so perfectly suited to its purpose, yet so simple in its execution, that the world sits up and takes notice. That product, is Astroglide. But since this blog is ostensibly about fatherhood, I will focus instead on Boogie Wipes®.

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Moby spout cover, by Skip Hop

Spouting Off

The Wife and I have put in place a system for acquiring child-safety products. It is wondrously effective yet so simple that I would be remiss not to share it with you here. We first make a careful assessment of impending household dangers. This often includes receiving a crucial email from a concerned grandparent who […]

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