... because it's such a lovely couch.

Answering The Call of Doody

Oh man. I had an epiphany about why old ladies use those clear plastic sofa covers. And it’s not because they live in perpetual fear of excitedly wetting themselves when Publishers Clearing House rings their doorbell.

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I Saw the Sign

Oh man. Months ago we got our son a DVD that’s supposed to teach him American Sign Language (ASL). Apparently babies can learn to communicate using sign language well before they can speak. At least that’s the premise of Baby Signing Time, the wildly popular…

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your mom smoked

Way To Go, Daddy-O

Wow. You did it. Nice job. Very nice job. Cute baby. Isn’t it amazing how helpful and sweet everyone is? Doors are held. Gifts are delivered. Strangers offer warm, encouraging smiles.

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Mr. Pizzle

“They Call Me Mr. Tibbs”

Oh man. My one year-old was totally playing with himself on the changing table this morning. He was fairly absentminded about it, so it’s not like I caught him shining the bishop. But still.

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I totally had this classic Fisher Price airplane

Attitude at Altitude

Oh man. Did anyone see today’s New York Times Travel section? Michelle Higgins wrote a front page feature, Are We There Yet?, which promises “expert tips on how to manage the madness” of air travel with children. Somehow the article manages to be less instructive than the Ice Cube movie of the same name.

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the 1 train

Halloween Hangover

Oh man. Halloween. The Wife and I debated what Fox’s first costume should be. After flipping through a tacky-ass catalog, we decided a homemade ghost costume would be easy, classic and cute.

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Daisy, Luke & Bo

The Lullaby Cheat

Oh man. So you know how you’re supposed to sing your baby to sleep? That’s great and all. But what song are you supposed to sing? And who has any songs memorized anymore anyway? I faced this very conundrum when Fox was born over a year ago. Rockabye Baby wasn’t an option, on account of […]

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Ernie & Bert

Ernie & Bert: Stone Cold GANGSTAS

Oh man, we always knew Ernie & Bert were hardcore. But I never imagined their foot soldiers would threaten me over a perceived slight. I don’t think my previous post was too harsh on Sesame Street. But just so there’s no bad blood and no ambiguity: Ernie & Bert are the originators – the old […]

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Yo Gabba Gabba!

Elmo vs. Muno

Were it not for Sesame Street, we would all be much bigger assholes. Where else would we have learned about cooperation, near and far, or the letter B? But they’ve lost their way a bit in attempting to stay current. Kids don’t need to be current. Kids have no idea what year it is. Sesame […]

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Boogie Wipes

Pick A Winner

Once in awhile, a product comes along that is so well designed, so perfectly suited to its purpose, yet so simple in its execution, that the world sits up and takes notice. That product, is Astroglide. But since this blog is ostensibly about fatherhood, I will focus instead on Boogie Wipes®.

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