Poop Scoop internal mechanism

Patent Pending – the Poop Snoop

Oh man, so we can never tell whether our son, Mr. Pants, isn’t napping because he’s a crackhead, or because he has a dirty diaper. We of course know he’s a crackhead, but there’s really no way of telling (without entering his room) whether he has pooped.

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Yellowman & Fathead

Raffi vs. Yellowman

Oh man. A friend gave me some Raffi CDs for my son’s enjoyment. For those unfamiliar with the children’s singer/songwriter superstar, Raffi is the musical equivalent of waterboarding. His rhymes come at you so fiercely that he makes Tupac sound like Mother Goose. Sample lyric: Willoughby wallaby wustin, An elephant sat on Justin. Willoughby wallaby […]

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Moby spout cover, by Skip Hop

Spouting Off

The Wife and I have put in place a system for acquiring child-safety products. It is wondrously effective yet so simple that I would be remiss not to share it with you here. We first make a careful assessment of impending household dangers. This often includes receiving a crucial email from a concerned grandparent who […]

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