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Rock Meadow

Sex And The Suburbs, Part Deux

Oh man. It’s our third month since moving from Manhattan to the Boston suburbs. I’d like a falafel, please.

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Deflated - image by Skateblizz via flickr

Chaos Theory

Oh man. This month is from hell. It began with a tortuous move from the city to the suburbs. Our movers kept complaining about the stairs on our front stoop, as though negotiating stairs wasn’t part of the job description. You’d think we’d concealed the true location of our Manhattan apartment building, and instead led […]

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Sex And The Suburbs, Part 1

Oh man. So the wife won. Check and mate. We’re leaving New York and moving to the suburbs. It now dawns on me that she’d been planning this since our second date. But she kept her agenda well hidden until we were all married off and babied up.

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