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Deflated - image by Skateblizz via flickr

Chaos Theory

Oh man. This month is from hell. It began with a tortuous move from the city to the suburbs. Our movers kept complaining about the stairs on our front stoop, as though negotiating stairs wasn’t part of the job description. You’d think we’d concealed the true location of our Manhattan apartment building, and instead led […]

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always remember to wear your trenchcoat when pushing the baby carriage

The New Dad’s Guide To Shirking Responsibility

Just under the wire before people start making New Year’s resolutions, Daddy Confidential offers new dads some tips on getting mom to do the dirty work.

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Daisy, Luke & Bo

The Lullaby Cheat

Oh man. So you know how you’re supposed to sing your baby to sleep? That’s great and all. But what song are you supposed to sing? And who has any songs memorized anymore anyway? I faced this very conundrum when Fox was born over a year ago. Rockabye Baby wasn’t an option, on account of […]

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